[Chronic nephritis can not eat]_Chronic nephritis_Diet taboos_Food taboos

[Chronic nephritis can not eat]_Chronic nephritis_Diet taboos_Food taboos

Chronic nephritis attacks many people. Therefore, we cannot ignore scientific treatment. Of course, we must master the correct diet. These people should pay attention to the prohibition of spicy food, limit the implantation of plant protein, and follow the doctor’s treatment arrangements.

1. Dietary protein supplement for patients with renal insufficiency should strictly limit foods with high plant protein, such as hard fruit (peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, etc.). Wheat starch (or corn starch, potato starch) can be used as a staple food instead of rice and flour.Or, it is mainly to limit the intake of plant protein.

2. Intake of carbohydrates Try to choose low-protein starch foods, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, taro, coriander flour, coriander, pumpkin, vermicelli, water chestnut flour, etc.

3. Adults’ intake In order to make up for the supply of pedals, the intake of vegetarian oil is generally not limited.

4. Drinking water is generally suitable for patients with chronic renal insufficiency. When there is no edema and blood pressure is low, you can drink more water to make the urine volume reach more than 2500 ml, so that the body ‘s metabolic waste is discharged.Drink and drink.

5. While supplementing protein with low-phosphorus diet, it will inevitably bring phosphorus replacement, which is very unfavorable for patients with chronic renal insufficiency. In order to reduce the replacement of phosphorus, in addition to eating phosphorus-rich foods (such as egg yolk,Animal viscera, brain, bone marrow, etc.) outside, generally lean meat, fish can be boiled and then eaten in soup, or take calcium carbonate tablets, which can be excreted in combination with phosphorus in the interconnect, reducing blood phosphorus.

6, sodium and potassium intake have edema and hypertension, limit the amount of salt, depending on the situation or low salt (3 grams of salt per day or 10 ml of soy sauce) or no salt, reduce urine output (<1000 ml / day), Blood potassium rises, we should properly control foods high in potassium.