[5 Reasons Why Men Want Intimate Marriage]_Men

[5 Reasons Why Men Want Intimate Marriage]_Men

I always thought that most men who have not experienced sex are not mature.

Because they can’t feel how women should be caressed by men from the feelings and communication of certain details, this caress has something to do and something to do, it is debauchery and patience, it is gentle and barbarous . Most men askPremarital sex is understandable, but the specific situation needs to be analyzed. In general, men require premarital sex not to exceed the following five reasons: First, to determine whether the other party is virgin in modern society, although virginity is not a righteousnessWords, but almost every man hopes that he is marrying a virginity, and there are still many men with a virginity complex.

And based on the basic complex, to ensure that they can find a virginity to go home, some men will ignore the woman’s repeated objections and rejections, think hard and try their best, and ask to “try in person.”

If it is not virginity, you can plan again, or even avoid breaking up.
If we assume that the other party is virginity, we will all be happy, and we will allay our concerns before getting married. If we are not virgin, we can plan again or even avoid breaking up.

In short, they did not agree to allow themselves to take any risk to marry a non-virgin home. The more open the society and the less virginity, the more they wanted to eat this “centering pill”.

First of all, our point is: Maybe the virginity complex of men is understandable and even worthy of pity.

However, it is extremely sad and shameless to disregard the woman’s feelings and use her own narrowness to harm others and to benefit herself, even a despicable conspiracy.