[Chocolate oatmeal cookie cup practice]_Homemade method of chocolate oatmeal cookie cup

[Chocolate oatmeal cookie cup practice]_Homemade method of chocolate oatmeal cookie cup

The working class can not enjoy the deliciousness of the big meal every day. They are born to eat food, but they cannot taste the delicious food, and feel the powerlessness brought by reality.

The chocolate oatmeal cookie cup requires simple ingredients, easy to learn methods, and absolutely affordable, so you can enjoy the delicious meal at home.

1. Prepare ingredients.

2. Whisk eggs with chopsticks for spare.

3. Sift the flour for use.

4. Crush dark chocolate with a rolling pin for future use.

5. The butter is softened.

6. Add fine yarn sugar and brown sugar.

7, the egg beater is evenly mixed, just pass it slightly, you don’t need to pass it completely, or don’t pass it completely, otherwise the biscuits may over-expand during baking and affect the shape of the cup.

8. Add egg liquid in two portions.

9. Stir separately.

10. Add flour in two portions.

11. Stir well with a shovel.

12. Then add oatmeal and dark chocolate.

13. Stir well with a knife.

14. Add butter over water.

15. Take a baking cup, and brush the inside of the baking cup with a brush.

16. Take a dough and flatten the bottom first. Note that the bottom is easy to thicken and it needs to be strengthened. Otherwise, it is easy to bulge. I use a rolling pin to flatten the bottom.

17, then take the dough, pinch the shape of the cup, as uniform as possible, the general thickness of 4 to 5mm, this step is very interesting, it feels like making pottery.

18. The scraper scrapes the excess of the cup mouth.

19, then press with your hand to make the cookie on the cup stick to the cup, which can prevent the cookie from falling when baking.

20, the oven is preheated at 180 degrees, and then the baking cup is sent to the oven. The lower layer of the oven and the grill are 180 degrees, about 20 minutes. The actual temperature and time may vary depending on the oven and the size and thickness of the cup.

21. Remove and cool after baking.

22. Use the tip of the knife to gently pick the lower skin and separate it appropriately.

23, and then remove the film.

24. The chocolate melts away from water.

25. Use a brush to evenly brush the inner wall of the biscuit cup, brushing everywhere.

There must be no omissions.

26. After brushing the two cups, freeze them in the refrigerator for a while to let the chocolate coagulate. I freeze for 25 minutes.

27. Take it frozen.

28. Pour the milk and enjoy the good times. Toast for Liuyi.

Cooking is a very happy thing. Before you start cooking, you will learn how to make chocolate oatmeal cookie cups. It must be very fulfilling, and it is also good to have a new skill.