[What materials are used to make preserved eggs]_ practices _ ingredients

[What materials are used to make preserved eggs]_ practices _ ingredients

Preserved egg is a kind of processed and preserved egg product. It has a unique fragrance. Many people like to eat preserved eggs. Generally, preserved eggs are mainly made with duck eggs, and some are also made with eggs.At that time, more materials were needed for making preserved eggs, such as quicklime, sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, plant ash, etc. After ten days to half a month, you can eat delicious preserved eggs.

What material is used for making preserved eggs? Preserved eggs, also called Songhua eggs, are eggs that are traditionally a traditional flavored egg and are welcomed by people across the country.

After special processing methods, Songhua eggs will become more and more black and bright, and there are white patterns on it. A special aroma comes out when you smell it.

Songhua egg is fresh and smooth, with unique color and fragrance.

The preserved eggs on the market are duck eggs preserved eggs or egg preserved eggs. Generally, duck eggs are selected to be large. The egg yolk is also relatively large.

Preserved egg method 1, the principle of making use of eggs in alkaline solution, can make the characteristics of protein gel, make it into a flexible solid.

However, if the preparation of the preserved eggs is poorly controlled, the protein will be decomposed in the alkaline solution, and the protein will become denatured and become inedible.

If the shell is cracked or the formula is poorly controlled, the hydrogen sulfide in the egg will also overflow and turn golden brown.

The normal preserved eggs are dark green with pine flowers and elastic.

2. Preparing method Preserved eggs are China’s unique egg processed products and also an alkaline food.

The materials required for pickling preserved eggs are salt, tea and alkaline substances (such as quicklime, plant ash, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, etc.).

The reason why the preserved egg has a special flavor is that after the strong alkali action, the original thioamine-containing acid is decomposed to produce hydrogen sulfide and ammonia gas, plus the smell of the ingredients in the supplement solution, a unique taste is produced.

The color of the preserved egg is due to the strong alkali of the protein, the protein part will appear reddish brown or dark brown, and the egg yolk will appear dark green or clear red.

The benefits of eating preserved eggs in the summer1. Prevent the hot duck eggs from being processed into preserved eggs, and the cholesterol content will decrease by 23%.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that preserved eggs are cold foods, which have the effect of “cooling, eyesight, pinggan, nourishing yin and clearing the lungs”.

2. The method of making appetite-preserved preserved eggs determines that preserved eggs contain very rich minerals, which can effectively promote digestion and absorption, and increase people’s appetite.

3. Alleviating gastric diseases Preserved eggs are made of strong alkaline substances such as lime, so they can naturally neutralize our gastric acid, and have a certain relief effect on gastric pain or stomach disease caused by gastric acid.

However, preserved eggs contain a certain amount of lead, so if they are used too much, it can easily lead to anemia symptoms and may cause symptoms under the immune system; if you take preserved eggs for a long time, it can also cause the body’s absorption of minerals to decline, causingCobalt calcium iron zinc and other mineral symptoms.