Demystifying the truth of the seven seductive diets

Demystifying the truth of the seven seductive diets

Thinning into a “rib bone fairy” is the ultimate wish of all MM, however, weight loss pseudoscience, weight loss superstition is full of us!

Some methods that sound tempting may actually be a huge hazard to your body!

Here are 10 very tempting weight loss tips!

However, is these statements really effective?

And is it harmless to the body?

These are worth exploring.


hzh {display: none; }  1. Drinking coffee before breakfast can eat less than a quarter of food. The University of Nashville, Vanderbilt University, found that drinking a cup of coffee 30 minutes before breakfast can effectively control the appetite, so that you only feel 75% of the previous food intake.And can also speed up the unfortunate burning speed by 5 times!

This is due to a heat-producing substance called jaundice in coffee, which also provides enough content for your body.


Add more condiments to the food and eat a meal with a strong taste. It is easier to maintain the stability of blood sugar than eating a meal with a very light taste.

When blood sugar is kept in a stable state, the conversion will continue to burn without becoming a slight presence in the body, and it will not cause fatigue.


A study in Japan with a little pepper shows that eating some irritating foods such as pepper, ginger and pepper can increase the body’s light burning capacity by 25%. This high-speed metabolic state can last for more than 3 hours.

  4 Drink a cup of plum juice before going to the bathroom to effectively remove the toxins from the acid plums – this phytochemical can help the body effectively discharge traces and toxins.

Drinking a cup of plum juice, your body’s “clean” procedure can be greatly accelerated, and the liver can also quickly and thoroughly replace the substances in your body that may cause too much.


Drink a cup of strong tea to reduce the amount of rice by 35%. The caffeine in the strong tea can greatly inhibit your appetite, reduce your appetite by 35%, and increase your metabolism rate by more than 5 times.


Using Oolong Tea to relax and develop the habit of drinking oolong tea will improve your metabolic system. It will increase the conversion of body burning by 3 times and increase the consumption by 10%.

Because this tea is free of traces, traces and sodium, you can safely implant it if you want to lose weight.


Coconut as a dessert dessert Coconut is one of the best sources of fatty acids in nature. This fatty acid is transported directly to the liver after consumption, increasing the rate of liver burning by 50%.