Empty nesters should avoid the negative effects of pets

Empty nesters should avoid the negative effects of pets

Although kittens and puppies can bring joy to people, but improper dog breeding may add to the confusion, especially for the elderly in the empty nest family, when choosing a pet partner, pay more attention to the substitution brought by the pet.

  Although the kitten is a cute companion animal, once it enters the family, it should be cautious from the perspective of adding a family member, but only consider the pet will bring happiness.

Professor Zhang Guoxi from Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that don’t underestimate a kitten and puppy. After entering the family, eating and drinking with the family is equivalent to adding a member. They challenge each other’s love and people.The ability of public morality and social interaction is a test.

  When a senior pet like a kitten and a puppy is naughty and cute, it is quite short-lived. More often, it is a subject who needs help. The process of replacement, medical treatment, estrus, pregnancy, aging, death, etc. is very complicated.of.

Because of the pets, many social relationships will change. For example, there are many people in the community who don’t give dogs to dogs and dogs. As a result, a group of dogs are playing together and triggering contradictions between neighbors, causing acquaintances to turn their faces.occur.

In the family, some elderly people have poor psychological endurance. If there is a wind and grass, they will not be able to endure. Once the pets are in conflict with their neighbors, they are sick or life-threatening, and they should not eat or drink or sleep.Even ill and hospitalized first.

  Wang Lianhua, the secretary-general of the Tibetan Mastiff Club in China, believes that keeping pets in the family needs long-term consideration.

When the old couple is raising and caring for a new member of the family, they will gradually increase their communication and become more and more common topics, especially when one party is more old-fashioned and unwilling to interact with people because of a lively and lovelyThe appearance of small animals will increase the movement between the companions, the neighborhoods, and the friends, and the people will gradually become cheerful and healthy.

But it takes a few to achieve this wonderful wish.

The first is love, whether the economic conditions and strength are complete.

If one of the old couples is already very difficult to take care of themselves, the other side will have to take care of a pet, and the quality of life will be greatly reduced.

Of course, economic conditions are also a very important factor, especially when pets are especially loved in childhood and in old age, and the treatment costs are quite high. Some people can’t afford to pay so much money to abandon sick pets.

  Second, pay attention to the fact that the two must agree.

If one and the pet are not allowed to heat up, and another wants to add pets, when the two people’s understanding is not unified, taking the pet home without authorization will intensify the contradiction between husband and wife.

  Third, the character of the pet should be taken in conjunction with the person.

When choosing a pet, choose a temperament and the master to complement each other under the guidance of an animal behavior expert. It is best to have an enlightenment education and a pet that accepts the owner’s instructions for some basic behaviors.

If the owner of a very Sven has chosen a pet that is more lively, more violent, and likes to bite and scream, it may increase the psychological burden and add a lot of trouble and anxiety to himself.

On the contrary, if a pet who likes to be quiet is mistaken into a lively and active host, the owner is willing to take it out, but it is slow to go out, paying love but not getting a return, which is the last thing the owner is unwilling to accept.reality.

In the embarrassing situation, the cute pets must finally be transferred to others by others or abandoned.