Old people’s spring health, keep in mind the secret of five should five

Old people’s spring health, keep in mind the secret of “five should five”

In the spring and germination season, the seasons of various pathogens and microbes breeding and resuscitation, the disease is very popular, so spring must be well-maintained.
今天给老年朋友几个小建议,春季养生一定要牢记“五宜五忌”……  春季养生五宜  一宜调养情志,振奋精神  春天阳光明媚,风和日丽,老年人不要孤眠独坐Self-sufficiency.
Everything needs to be open-minded, emotionally optimistic, and anger and anger.
The best way to improve bad mood is to cultivate a good feeling of loving life and loving nature. You can make friends and friends go out to enjoy the spring flowers, swim in the mountains, walk and practice, etc., in order to cultivate the temperament, which will make the blood and blood smooth.The spirit is strong.
  The second is suitable for daily living, windproof and cold. Spring should be late to get up early, go to outdoor activities, stretch the body, make the day more energetic.
The fresh air in the morning is good for discharging harmful substances deposited in the respiratory tract at night and promoting metabolism.
However, it is worth reminding that due to the deterioration of the function of various organs of the elderly, do not get up immediately after waking up in the morning, because the ligament tissue of the elderly is relatively slack, and if it suddenly changes from a lying position to a standing position, it is not only easy to sprain the lower back, but alsoAffect the nervous system.
If you have high blood pressure or heart disease, if you suddenly change your position, you may have an accident.
After the elderly wake up, they can stretch out on the bed, stretch their joints, and rest in bed for a while before getting out of bed.
In addition, the temperature in the early spring is warm and cold, like a child’s face, saying that change will change, often there is a cold wave, so it is not careless in terms of clothing (see “one bogey”).
  三宜饮食有节,补益阳气  由于春天人体新陈代谢加快,营养消耗相应增加,饮食宜甘而温,富含营养,以健脾扶阳为食养原则,忌过于酸涩,宜清淡可口,忌油腻It is cold, especially if you want to enter the big heat, such as ginseng, spirits, etc., so as not to help the heat.
Should choose more products that are both hair-raising and nutritious, such as soybean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, tofu, soybean meal, barley, wheat, jujube, lean meat, fish, eggs, peanuts, black sesame, citrus, onion, ginger,Garlic, coriander, honey, etc.; because there are fewer fresh vegetables in winter, it is easy to cause insufficient vitamins, so when spring comes, you should eat more fresh vegetables, such as spring bamboo shoots, spring glutinous rice, rapeseed, spinach, celery, leeks, and malang., 枸杞, 椿, etc.
  Four should be physically fit, exercise physique Spring air is fresh, this environment is most conducive to spit and new, full of dirty.
Exercise more in spring, will enhance immunity and disease resistance, less flu and other diseases during the year, and it is quick-thinking and not easy to fatigue.
People can choose outdoor activities according to their age and physical condition. The amount of exercise should not be too large, so as to avoid sweating and yang, and after exercise, energy, body and comfort.
Generally, you can choose simple activities such as Tai Chi, walking, jogging, walking, flying kites, swinging, etc.
  Wuyi health care, prevention of disease In addition to pay attention to diet and daily life, we must also pay attention to prevent various diseases.
Because the spring is warm and cold, the climate is changeable, bacteria and viruses are easy to propagate and spread, and it is prone to diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, meningitis, scarlet fever, mumps and viral myocarditis.
Therefore, we must always talk about hygiene, wash clothes, wash the clothes, remove insects, open the window to ventilate, improve the defense ability, and when the epidemic is popular, go to public places and avoid infection.
  In the spring, there are five taboos, and there is a sudden reduction in clothing. Since ancient times, those who are good at health care have attached great importance to the health care of “Spring.”
As the saying goes, “February breaks the cotton coat, March also has the pear flower snow”, “eat the Dragon Boat Festival, and then send the cotton coat”.
In the early spring, the cold temperature alternates, the weather is erratic, the clothes can’t be reduced, and the winter clothes are taken off prematurely, which is extremely vulnerable to cold and lung injury, causing respiratory diseases.
Quenching can also cause vasospasm, blood viscosity, slow blood flow, organ ischemia, so cold, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, arthritis, migraine, coronary heart disease, etc. will take the opportunity to visit.
In addition, the bedding can not be thinned immediately to meet the “Spring Festival” health care.
  Two bogey of spring sleepy “spring sleepy autumn”, spring people are easy to sleep, some older people have the habit of sleeping late.
Chinese medicine believes that it is a long-lasting injury.
Too much sleep, no disease will lie out of the disease.
Because long-term lying will cause a decline in metabolic capacity, blood and blood run poorly.
The air in spring is very fresh, and the elderly should go out of their homes to participate in fitness activities, so that the body can respond to the flourishing atmosphere of the season, thus preventing the state of sleepiness.
  Three bogey diet without diet The early spring diet is mainly high calorie, the elderly should pay attention to eat more nutritious and easy to digest the light food, do not eat or try to eat cold food as much as possible, so as not to stimulate the gastrointestinal disease.
People with stomach cold drink ginger syrup in the morning and evening, which has the dual function of warming the stomach and preventing colds.
  四忌情志失调  《红楼梦》中有黛玉葬花的情节,生活中老人看到春花暖阳,也常常会滋生一些感伤的情怀,尤其是孤寡老人,更容易沉湎于对往事的无限伤怀in.
This is very unfavorable for health.
Once the emotions are out of tune, the evil spirits will take advantage of it and cause physical illness.
Therefore, in the spring, the elderly should see more of the beauty of life and keep their mood comfortable.
  Five bogey overworked Spring is the season of multiple infectious diseases.
Older people are susceptible to infection because of poor immunity.
If you are overworked, or frequently enter public places such as shopping malls, theaters, etc., in the case of physical fatigue, you are susceptible to bacterial and viral infections, leading to respiratory diseases and other diseases.Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and the activities are moderate.