Tea can enhance sexual function

Tea can enhance sexual function

Tea is an ancient Chinese drink.

China has a long history of drinking tea and has formed a unique tea culture.

Since the Tang Dynasty in China, the style of writing has flourished. Many scholars and literati are proud of Shangcha, Bai Juyi, Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Dongpo, Fan Zhongyan and other literary celebrities are masters of tea.

They tasted the taste of drinking tea through tea, cultivated the temperament, and used poetry as the content to make poems, leaving too many nouns to reach the good sentence.

  ”There are many sick and welcoming, and there is another year of leisure.”

See the day of the medicine, and fry when the tea is over.

The grass came to the ground, and the insects flew late.

At this time, the dream is far away, and I don’t feel the mountain side.


Zhang Ji’s “Summer Lives”) There are not many verses in the history of tea. Tea is only a small amount in the life of ancient Chinese.

Ancient people did not drink tea, play tea culture, and fight tea. “Coffee tea” is a kind of “artful play” in ancient times with rich and leisure culture.

In ancient times, tea has a lot of functions, to some extent detoxification “Shen Nong tastes a hundred herbs, the day is seventy-two poisonous, get tea and solve it.”

In the Tang Dynasty, Liu Yuliang also described the basicity of drinking tea as “Ten De”: tea is suffocated, tea is used to sleep, tea is used to raise anger, tea is used to remove disease, tea is used to reward people, and tea is respected.Let’s taste the taste of tea, make it possible to make tea, and make tea.

  Most modern people still can’t live without tea.

Because tea contains dozens of nutrients, it has a unique effect on improving human physiological functions, regulating nerves and inhibiting bacteria.

Modern science has also confirmed that long-term tea drinking is also beneficial to enhance sexual function.

Perhaps tea contains 20-30% tea polyphenols, which can inhibit and kill bacteria, which is beneficial to prevent inflammation of sexual organs.

  When drinking tea, we often smell a scent of scent, because the ingredients of the tea contain aromatic oil.

Aromatic oil has the effect of exciting nerves and stimulating sexual desire.

  Tea vitamins lower blood pressure dialysis atherosclerosis.

According to information from the former Soviet Union, 80 patients with hypertension were clinically tested. As a result, 32 patients were treated with tea, and the blood pressure of the five blood pressure arteries returned to normal, and the blood cholesterol decreased. This function of tea has long been discovered by the ancients.In “Herbal Supplements”, there is “tea long food is thin and fat.”

“This is also the weight loss effect of tea.

Hypertensive patients have certain damage to sexual function due to taking antihypertensive drugs.

  Fundamentally, tea also contains caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. These fractions are refreshing and relieve fatigue. It is also a good place. If a couple drink a cup of fragrant tea before starting a sexual life, they can also achieve a spirit of excitement.The ability to respond to sexual stimuli and responsiveness is naturally helpful in improving the quality of sexual intercourse.

In short, tea is beneficial to improve and enhance sexual function.