How to get through menopause easily: prevent osteoporosis

How to get through menopause easily: prevent osteoporosis

Prevention of osteoporosis must first supplement calcium. There are many foods containing calcium in daily diet, such as dairy products, soy products, seafood, green leafy vegetables, etc., which are rich in calcium.

However, the rate of calcium absorption in different foods is different, and attention should be paid when choosing.

Dairy products such as fresh milk, yogurt, cheese and other calcium-containing high, are most easily absorbed by the body than other calcium-containing foods; seafood such as shrimp skin, although high in calcium, but because of the limited amount of food, so calcium is not ideal.It is better to eat kelp calcium supplements, use large bones to stew kelp, tofu, and add some mushrooms, it is definitely a good calcium supplement.

Green leafy vegetables such as radish, snow, rape, celery, etc., calcium content is also very high, eat more fresh vegetables every day, can also add a part of calcium; and green leafy vegetables are also rich in vitamin K, vitamin K can make boneCalcium deposits reduce calcium loss.

The calcium content of soy products is conventional and is an important source of daily calcium supplement. Commonly used such as tofu, dried bean curd, tofu brain, soy milk, bean skin, natto, etc., are all foods that people like to eat.

In particular, natto, in addition to high calcium, also contains phytoestrogens and vitamin K. Osteoporosis due to reduced estrogen secretion during menopause, calcium supplementation also requires estrogen supplementation, only with the participation of estrogen, calciumIn order to be better absorbed by the body, soy products are also available at the same time, which is unmatched by other foods.

The food we eat every day has a lot of calcium, but the body is not fully absorbed, because the absorption of calcium requires enough vitamin D to participate.

Foods containing vitamin D include: egg yolk, animal liver, cheese, butter, cod liver oil, mushrooms, etc. Eating more foods containing vitamin D can increase the absorption rate of calcium and prevent osteoporosis.

In fact, at least the food contains vitamin D. If we can get the sun every day and receive enough sunlight, the body can be converted into vitamin D. It doesn’t take much time. Just in the sun for half an hour, you can get free.The nutrients, why not?