[Hami Melon Yogurt Juice]_Making Juice_How to Make

[Hami Melon Yogurt Juice]_Making Juice_How to Make

Cantaloupe is a relatively sweet fruit. Cantaloupe can be peeled and eaten directly, or you can squeeze the cantaloupe and drink it. Yogurt is a drink that has many benefits to the human body. Yogurt is not only good for appetite, but also good for digestion and good for defecation, Cantaloupe juice can be drunk with yogurt, so it tastes better and has higher nutritional value. How to make cantaloupe juice?

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Can melon and yogurt be eaten together?

Cantaloupe can be eaten with yogurt, which can promote health in the body, help the growth of probiotics in the intestine, and help relieve constipation.

Cantaloupe contains no less vitamins than other fruits.

It is determined that the vitamin content of cantaloupe melon is 4 to 7 times higher than that of watermelon, 6 times higher than apple, and 1 higher than apricot.

3 times.

These ingredients are beneficial to human heart and liver work and internal system activities, promote endocrine and hematopoietic functions, and strengthen the digestive process.


How to make cantaloupe yogurt juice?

Cantaloupe yogurt can be squeezed together to make a cantaloupe milkshake.

Ingredients: cantaloupe, yogurt, ice cubes, condensed milk.

Practices: 1. Prepare an appropriate amount of cantaloupe, yogurt, ice cubes, and a small amount of condensed milk.

2. Cut the cantaloupe into small pieces, put it in the cooking machine, and add condensed milk, yogurt, and ice cubes again.

3, start the cooking machine, wait for the cooking machine to stop working, cantaloupe yogurt is ready to start tasting.


How to make cantaloupe milk jelly: half of cantaloupe, 90g of milk, 15g of white sugar, 70g of fresh cream, one and a half to two gelatine slices.

Practices: 1. Put gelatine tablets in ice water for soft backup; cantaloupe seeds are dug.

Pour the milk and caster sugar into the milk pan, heat over medium heat until the caster sugar melts, and the milk slightly boils off.

2. Melt the soaked gelatine tablets in a slightly cooler milk solution.

3. Pass the whipped cream to a semi-liquid. Don’t pass it, then pour the cold gelatine milk mixture into the whipping cream and mix.

4. Pour the mixture into cantaloupe, and finally put the cantaloupe in the refrigerator for 4 hours.


Cantaloupe’s edible value1, prevention of coronary heart disease: People with coronary heart disease are very suitable to eat cantaloupe, because cantaloupe is rich in potassium, which provides protection to the body, can prevent coronary heart disease, maintain normal heart rate and blood pressure.

Eating this fruit is also beneficial for reducing LDL and increasing HDL.

In addition, potassium also helps prevent muscle contraction fractures and helps the body recover quickly from injuries.

2, beauty and eye care weight loss: cantaloupe uses beauty and beauty and eye protection, weight loss, etc. have very good results.

“It’s rich in vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin, reduces the risk of cataracts, and improves vision.

Cantaloupe can also be used as part of a pregnant woman’s diet. This fruit relieves water retention and helps the body eliminate excess sodium.

It contains folic acid to prevent neural tube defects in children.