[Home pickled cucumbers]_ pickled cucumbers _ how to do _ practice Daquan

[Home pickled cucumbers]_ pickled cucumbers _ how to do _ practice Daquan

Pickled cucumbers can be said to be a food that many people prefer to eat, especially to help us appetite and digestion, but some of the eating contraindications of pickled cucumbers should also pay attention to, it is not suitable with peanuts, because it is prone to diarrhea.

First, food taboo 1, home pickled cucumber, peanut mix, easy to cause diarrhea.

2, home pickled cucumbers with pepper, celery, vitamin c is destroyed.

3, home pickled cucumbers contain a vitamin C decomposing enzyme, and in daily life, home pickled cucumbers eat more raw. At this time, the vitamin C decomposing enzymes contained in it maintain a certain activity. If it is related to foods rich in vitamin C,For example, if peppers are eaten equally, the vitamin C decomposing enzymes in home pickled cucumbers will destroy vitamin C in other foods. Although it is not harmful to the human body, it will reduce the absorption of vitamin C by the human body.

Second, the food effect home pickled cucumber intake protein, sugars, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

In addition, home pickled cucumbers or beauty: Home pickled cucumbers are gentle and dehumidified, which can astringent and eliminate skin wrinkles, especially for people with darker skin.

Third, the nutritional content of nutrient elements (per 100 grams) of water 95.

23 grams, trace 15 kcal, protein 0.

65 grams, aunt 0.

11 grams, calcium carbonate 3.

63 grams, fiber 0.

5 grams of sugar.

67 grams, 16 mg calcium, 0 iron.

28 mg, 13 mg magnesium, 24 mg phosphorus, 147 mg potassium, 2 mg sodium, and 0 zinc.

2 mg of vitamin C2.

8 mg of vitamin B10.

027 mg, riboflavin 0.

033 mg, niacin 0.

098 mg, folic acid 7 micrograms, vitamin A 5 micrograms, vitamin E 0.

03 mg, vitamin D (D2 + D3) 0 micrograms, vitamin K 16.

4 micrograms, 0 saturated fatty acids.

037 g, monounsaturated fatty acid 0.

005 grams, polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.

032 grams, cholesterol 0 mg, caffeine 0 mg.