[Grandma Orders Meals]_How to Make_How to Make

[Grandma Orders Meals]_How to Make_How to Make

I believe that the taste of grandma exists in every personal memory, because grandma can be said to be a kind of warmth at home, and the dishes made by grandma are also hard to forget.

In particular, the meals prepared by the grandmother caused too many people to eat a few large bowls of rice as a child.

After growing up, grandma can’t be by her side, she can only make some meals to make herself better.

So what did your grandmother do when you were a kid?

1. Pork belly must be picked up in advance in an iron pot. The skin must be burned to a slight burnt to remove the fishy skin. 2. The burned pork skin is black and black. Wash it with water and scrape the black and black from it.

3, Ginger and pepper scattered in the pot under cold water, boil, boiled into pieces of meat until just broken and picked up.

4. After the meat pieces are not hot, cut into 4 * 6cm, 2mm thick pieces for later use.

5. Wash the onion, slice the pepper, and set aside.

6. Ginger and garlic slices are beaten for later use.

7, a spoonful of bean paste and half a spoon of sweet noodle sauce and mix well.

Sweet noodle sauce and homemade bean paste.

8. Pour a little oil into the pan, and simmer the small green pepper first.

(Don’t be afraid that you don’t need to put oil on the sticky pan.)

9, pour prepared pork belly pieces directly into the pot and explode.

10, remove the explosive meat and put it on a plate for later use.

Fatty meat has more oil. If you like it, you can fry it, or you can fish it out.

11. The exploded oil remains on the bottom of the pot.

Pour in ginger and garlic.

12. Pour in the rice and wipe out the sweetened watercress sweet sauce if it tastes good.

13. Pour in the meat and stir-fry.

14. Pour onion and stir well until almost cooked.

Add some salt chicken essence.

15, the onion is almost cooked and poured into the good pepper.

16, stir fry a few times, about a minute can be out of the pan.