Kono Taro will serve as Japan’s Foreign Minister Kumida Fumio as LDP’s key post

Kono Taro will serve as Japan’s Foreign Minister Kumida Fumio as LDP’s key post

China News Service, August 3. According to a Japanese media report, in the cabinet reshuffle that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is about to implement this month, former administrative reform minister Taro Kono will serve as foreign minister.

  According to reports, during the cabinet reorganization and high-level personnel adjustments carried out by Abe (President of the Liberal Democratic Party) on the 3rd, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will use former agricultural minister Lin Fangzheng (56 years old), and the responsible official in northern Okinawa will use former land transportationDeputy Minister Ezaki Iron Mill (73 years old).

Data map: Kishida Fumio includes the former Liberal Democratic Party General Secretary Masako Noda (56 years old) who dares to give advice and criticism to the Prime Minister, former environment minister Shunichi Suzuki (64 years old), former French Prime Minister Kamikawa Yoko (64 years old) have also been basically determinedWill enter the cabinet again.

  It is reported that Abe has suffered setbacks due to the addition of the school’s legal person and the problem of academies, and has prioritized stability for this employment.

The successor of Foreign Minister Kishida Takashi (60), who will soon serve as chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Political Investigation, has become the focus of attention.

  With the exception of Ezaki, Kensai Saito (age 58), Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Masaru Nakagawa (age 70), Vice President of the Senate, and Masayama Matsuyama (age 58), Chairman of the Senate’s Countermeasure Committee, will join the cabinet for the first time.

Revival Masahiro Yoshino (age 68), and economy and industry Masahiro Hiroshi (age 54) will remain in office.

  With regard to personnel matters within the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, the chairman of the National Assembly’s Policy Committee, Takeshita Takeshi (70 years old), will be 四川耍耍网 the chairman of the General Affairs Office, and the former liberal arts minister Shioya Ri (67 years old) will serve as the chairman of the election measures.

  Coupled with the secretary-general Toshihiro Nakajima (78 years old) and Kishida, the party’s four key members have been identified.

Takamura Masahiko (75), the vice president who will lead the discussion on constitutional amendments, will also remain.

The chairman of the party ‘s countermeasures committee will be former farm minister Moriyama Yu (72).

  The Minister of Economic Regeneration in Japan will take up the role of Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference, Mochiki Motoki (age 61), who will also be responsible for the government’s signature policy of education and revolution in working methods.

  The president of the Political Consultative Conference, Ono Temple Goten (57 years old), will return to the role of defense.

Onoji served as the defense minister when Abe’s second cabinet was established, and strived to strengthen civilian control in the face of daily concealment problems in the South Sudan United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) Self-Defense Forces.

  Consider allowing Noda to enter the cabinet to predict the formation of a party-wide situation by initiating criticism against the chief.

Noda served as the General Affairs Chairman from December 2012 to September 2014 after the establishment of the second Abe Cabinet.

The party principal election was considered for election in September 2015.

  It is reported that Abe’s removal of liberal arts graduate Hiroichi Matsuno has come to an end and the issue of the extra meter school has come to an end, avoiding criticism from opposition parties.

  Abe will formally decide on new high-level personnel at the interim general meeting meeting on the morning of the 3rd.

Subsequently, Abe will summarize the resignations of cabinet members at the interim cabinet meeting.

On the afternoon of the 3rd, the new cabinet will be formally established after the third reshuffle of the third Abe cabinet.

Original title: Kono Taro will serve as Japan’s Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio as LDP’s key post